What is Qmed?

Companies implementing Qmed to manage COVID-19 clinics reap the ongoing benefits of a scalable, long-term solution for injury and disease management, occupational health programs, risk-based medicals and electronic health records.


An established, trusted solution built on modern technologies, Qmed securely stores the medical records of over 5 million individuals for corporates and healthcare providers such as Platinum Health, South32, Glencore, Prime Cure and Anglo American. 

Covid-19 Management

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We're here to support your workforce Covid-19 program.

With the Australian government indicating a shift in policy to allow large employers to manage workforce vaccinations, Vela Software has accelerated it's release of the Qmed COVID-19 solution to the Australian market. 

Qmed has been deployed by large corporates in other countries to manage COVID-19 testing and vaccination programs.


The solution can be fully implemented in 3 weeks, and securely and seamlessly integrated with government digital vaccination record systems. 

Over 280 implementations in 5 years 

Operational in more than 90 medical clinics

Securely stores over 5 million staff medical records


Beyond helping your organisation accelerate a COVID-19 vaccination program, Qmed enables you to manage many other critical healthcare requirements in order to keep your workforce healthy, protected and minimising their risk of exposure. 


Accelerate Vaccination Rollout​

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Medical Record Integrations​


Contact Tracing




Organise Testing and Case Management​

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Simple Queue Management​